Like most other businesses during the State of Emergency, our firm has switched to remote schedules until the emergency has lifted.
We have received questions about the ability for law firms to function during the State of Emergency.  Please be assured that our attorneys are available full time to continue all services, though of course there are some necessary modifications to comply with State mandates:
  • Estate planning and will executions will continue, with modifications to account for limits on in-person contacts.
  • Real estate transactions are continuing, also with modifications as needed due to governmental office closings and limited in-person contacts.
  • Litigation services are still available while the physical courthouses are closed, though there are limits for non-electronic filings and in-person applications for non-emergency situations.
  • Business planning and advice continues to be available during this uncertain period.
  • Land use planning and municipal work continues while the local governments work out the modified procedures for processing the applications.
The situation has been changing for these various areas on an almost daily basis, but our lawyers are monitoring all changes as they are announced and making the necessary adjustments to ensure that our ability to provide these services will continue with the least interruption.
For existing clients, please know that all of our attorneys remain available to you and are continuing to work on your matters, though the method of contacts may be modified due to the switchover to remote offices.  We recommend emailing as the initial form of contact, but telephonic and video conferencing is available.   Messages can also be left on individuals’ voice mailboxes, and the messages will be forwarded to them via email.
For new clients, please direct your initial inquiries to the following attorneys, either by email or voicemail message:
Carmela M. Di Talia – real estate, estate planning and wills, business planning, and estate administration/probate.  Email: Voicemail: 631-369-1700 Extension 321
Anthony C. Pasca – litigation, real estate, land use planning and zoning, municipal law questions.  Email: Voicemail: 631-369-1700 Extension 314
Stephen R. Angel – litigation & contested probate, all other matters.   Email: Voicemail: 631-369-1700 Extension 323